Fic: "Momentum Building"

After a decade or so in fandom and about half of it in the Whedonverse, I finally took the plunge and wrote my first fic for the 2012 Het Big Bang! It's a crossover/fusion with "The Office," but hopefully you can enjoy it without having seen that series, as it takes place firmly in the "Epitaphs" world.

Title: Momentum Building
Author: stars_inthe_sky | stars_inthe_sky | stars-inthe-sky
Rating: T
Length: 26K words
Pairing(s)/Characters: Pam/Jim, Sierra/Victor, Kilo, Adelle, Yankee, Romeo, Mag, Zone, various OCs

Summary: "I didn’t exist for seven years, and when I woke up, the world had ended. And then…I didn’t want to be scared anymore." Post-"Casino Night," Pam gets recruited by the Dollhouse. Long after the Call, India runs into an old friend. (The Office/Dollhouse crossover)

HERE: Momentum Building

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[Dollhouse] Victor/Sierra

puzzle pieces in your hand [Tony/Priya future!FIC]

Title: puzzle pieces in your hand
Author: [info]turquoisetumult
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Priya, Tony, T
Genre: romance, family, angst
Word Count: 3,004
Summary: Priya, Tony, and the years in between the collapse of the dollhouse and restoration of society (Epitaph Two). A look at the development of their romance and its descent.

Priya looks up to the ceiling, exhaling all the breath and fear and madness she has been holding in the pit of the stomach, when she feels Tony’s fingers in her hair, and he echoes words that kept her grounded for so long.

For Those Rebellious by templemarker [Dollhouse, Sierra/Victor, PG]

For Those Rebllious
by templemarker

Notes: Written for Jaela in Yuletide 2009. Thanks to my girl for last minute epic beta skills. Sierra/Victor, spoilers/speculation through 209. Originally posted here.

The funny thing is, Tony--Victor--Victor-Tony can remember being a doll. He can remember the, well, the doll architecture, being blank, being simple. Sometimes she watches him go back into it, center himself or something. It makes it easier on him to be here, when he doesn't have all his--life. All his life weighing him down.

Available at DW, LJ, and my archive.

For Sierra fans...

Dichen Lachman just announced as a guest for the Whedon Fest Toronto convention, October 1  - 3.
She is appearing alongside Amy Acker, Christian Kane, Nicholas Brendon, Yan & Rafael Feldman.
More info available on
[Dollhouse] Victor/Sierra

a world outside every darkened door | Priya/Tony Fic

Title: a world outside every darkened door
Rating: PG
Word Count: 516
Characters/Pairings: Priya, Tony. Priya/Tony
Genre: romance, character study
Prompt: “highway; Priya/Tony”
Summary: “Tony longs to drive all the way to east, to New York, so he can show Priya his childhood home. Priya chuckles at every tacky motel room they stay in, insisting that she take a photograph, along the way.” Tony and Priya roadtrip after their release from the Dollhouse.

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